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My name is Holly. I'm over 55, strong, very outdoorsy, reliable and grounded. College graduate (BA in Anthropology/Geology)

 Insured by Pet Care Insurance Co. Policy #JN1206-PCI14360

In business for myself since 2001, I have hundreds of references!


Midwest work ethic in full effect! I grew up training German Shepherds. My family has also had Dachsunds and mutts. experienced in the biggest to smallest, youngest to oldest. 

- I have no children or pets of my own.  

- I care for 1 dog at a time or Siblings only. (unless your dog needs help with socialization)   

- I work from home moderating workshops online, so i have lots of time to spend with your fur babies.

- I have clearance at the military base. I have passed the highest security standards, and can pet sit on the base PMRF.

-I volunteer with the American Red Cross, (background check was required) as well as the Kauai Community Cat Project.

 I consider all the pets I care for members of my family, and treat them with the same love and affection I'd give my own "kids". In the past, I started a cat spay/neuter program and fostered dogs, did volunteer work at a Veterinary office. In the good ol' days, I had 6 cats and a pit bull.

I love all animals. This has been my career since 2001. not a hobby. Full time pets. Trusted and dependable, with many references. I will care for your home and make sure everything is just how you left it, if not better!

RAW FOODS DIETS ok, and I will administer meds, including Insulin injections.

I know you all agree that your pet deserves all the comforts of their home while you are away. There is no risk of kennel cough, fleas or learning bad behaviors. I have worked as a dog trainer as well. I have experience with:

  • Pit Bulls/ bully breeds 
  • Cats 
  • Birds